.[.domar.nolo.]. (domar_nolo) wrote,

*commence transmission*

so im finally back from cali, and fun was had.

next time, i need more monie next time tho. i used my last 6 dollars to buy my mum a fridge magnet in Georgia. the entire time i was away i slept fine, and i wasnt thinking about anything except "where are we going tomorrow?". it felt good for a change.

when we got into the airport in cali to go home, josh let me use his little notepad or whatver and i just went on this little tangent, and i kept going until we got onto the plane to detroit. which is a long time. we got into the cali airport at like 2 in the afternoon and left for detroit in georgia at like 9 in the morning the next day.

it felt good, and i wasnt worried about anything, it all just flowed out. but i know that if i try to do it again it wont happen. i want to go to like che chosa and take my book and write until i cant think anymore. i hate the way i am, it makes me too thorough on all my decisions. i think too much about the future, and then i forget about things i really shouldnt. normal everyday things i forget too easily, but weird stupid little decisions make me think too much and then i usually do make the wrong choice.

"people dont usually do whats best, they do whats easiest"

i saw that on a bathroom wall in a bar in ferndale. now im really thinking too much. because that statement alone is taking my entire thought process to the cleaners.

fuck i hate the way i am.

*transmission terminated*
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fuck i hate the way i am.
*shrugs* So do something about it.
easier said than done.
Unfortunately, yes. But still, gotta start somewhere.
i never thought about it like that before.

oh my gawd...!